Otto and the Ancient Worlds



Otto and the Ancient Worlds is an 8-bit 2D adventure platformer about an archaeologist who discovers an ancient library filled with magical books. Each book contains a living story of a mythology or folklore, and Otto mistakenly releases their contents into the world! Otto must return the mythology and folklore back to their books and destroy an 8-headed beast that has been released in the process.


  • Play as the archaeologist Otto, and use his whip to uncover artifacts and explore forgotten worlds in a stunningly beautiful 8-bit adventure.

  • Fight your way through 6 selectable stages, each with a unique boss.

  • After defeating a boss, collect their artifact weapon to give Otto a special ability that also transforms his outfit.

  • Each boss has a unique weakness to an artifact weapon, therefore choosing the order in which the levels are played can be a critical component of the gameplay.

  • Each stage is based off of a historical mythology or folklore from stories all around the world.

  • Encounter a vast variety of historical figures from mythologies and folklore to help you in your journey.