Posted by Jordan on April 15, 2019

When I first was developing the concept of Otto, I wanted him to have a ranged attack just like Mega Man from NES. He was a vampire hunter...

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Posted by Jordan on May 17, 2018

Party y'all, the DEMO has finally been released! We spent a good part of a year designing Otto, the story went from vampire hunter to Greek mythology and finally to a world where an infinite amount of mythologies and folklore have become true! It was an amazing learning experience, jumping from Unity3D to Game Maker Studio 2, and playing tons of NES platformers to get an idea of what makes these old games so damn good. We worked long and hard on Otto while also working at our day jobs, and we hope you guys really enjoy playing it! Video games have given me so many hours of entertainment and I hope Otto can do the same for you guys!

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Posted by Jordan on February 12, 2018

Welp, been pretty quiet with these blogs, but that doesn't mean we haven't been working hard on finishing the Otto demo! The level design and enemy placement are complete, but the boss at the end is currently being modified. The boss is basically being designed as having two different phases, switching to the next phase once he is at half health.

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Posted by Jordan on April 29, 2017

Hi all, As you can see above, my animator in Unity3D is a complete mess that isn't worthy of much love! It looks like some spider lives there and it caught a bunch of shitty parameters. Well I've finally cleaned it up and made it a million times more efficient and easier to read...

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Posted by Jordan on March 22, 2017

Howdy, Right now I've been working on Otto's in-game slide, which basically follows the same mechanics as NES Megaman's slide. To be honest, I usually forget that Megaman can even slide, until I come to a point where it's necessary to continue. It makes me wonder if someone has gone through an entire game without knowing you can slide, but then again I think every Megaman has a part where you have to slide to continue.

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